Below are testimonials from our pupils that have passed their driving test with Sash’s Driving School.

Just a note recommending Sash. I probably wasn’t the easiest pupil she’s ever had, but she was extremely patient with me and my irrational fear of roundabouts. She’s a real petrol head and knows cars and driving inside out.  Can’t recommend highly enough, even though she will try and convince you that French cars are better than German.

Excellent instructor.

Julian Maynard

So happy to have had Sash take over my lessons from my previous instructor! She made the lessons enjoyable as well as making me feel as though I was improving with each lesson I had 🙂

Alyce Walther

Having had a previous driving instructor who made me feel bad when I didn’t succeed… Coming over to sash really allowed me to learn In my own style and grow my confidence. Sash is a fantastic instructor she cares about you. And if you listen to what she has to say you will pass just as I did thanks to her!  Thank you for everything you did for me! Really 1 in a million xx

Bronwyn Bezant

Have to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sash for helping me pass my driving test! I’m so glad that I chose her as my instructor!  She has a great balance between encouraging your strengths, which kept me feeling positive, as well as being honest and helping me correct my weaknesses so I could progress as much as possible. You can tell she has her students best interests at heart, and her patience and sense of humour helped so much when I was feeling low on confidence!  I have already recommended her to several friends, you’d be daft not to choose her! She’s a star! xx

Libby Jackson

Just would like to say a big thank you to sash for getting me through my driving test and getting me a pass with flying colours and with only 1 minor thanks for everything you have done for me highly recommended a+++++ rating.

Darren Carle

First I would like to thank you so so much for teaching me and being so patient!!  I felt so comfortable and calm whenever I was in the car with her, also her friendly and funny personality made everything a lot more relaxing for me, which made me feel confident and determined to pass my test! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

Chloe Cruse

First thing I would like to say thank you so much for teaching me and be confident. I have been with her for 3 months and I passed my driving test for the first time! Sarah is very good and patient with deaf people and I recommend anyone with Sarah because she is the best!

Charlotte Palmer

Started off with Sash in late 2016, hasn’t been more than 7 months and I’ve never felt so confident in driving a car. She has made me more aware and more focused and also determined to pass my test and focus on the certain aspects that were letting me down. Thankfully I passed and I couldn’t thank her enough! If you’re going to go with anyone around the areas Sash covers, then go with her! You’ll thank me later!

Samuel Clarke

Learning to drive with Sash was brilliant. Such a good instructor. Passed first time with her and I didn’t need many lessons at all. Would defiantly recommend to anyone looking to start driving and wants to be successful.

Reggie Brewerton

First I just want to say a massive Thank you to Sash for all her hard work especially with my Proudly deafness with no hearing. Sash has a lot of patients with you and can have a great laugh, she really cares about you and looks after you very well. I passed my driving test on my first time with 4 minors so thank you again sash and lovely to work with you and will keep my eyes out for your bright yellow car
Love Elisha

Elisha Rayment

First of all, I would like to say a massive thank you to sash without her I would not have been able to pass! She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I had been switching between auto and manual for a year and a half! But sash made me feel confident and independent again, always knowing what I needed to improve on! Thank you so much! Hopefully, I will have my car soon! Highly recommended!

Kayley Cooper

Firstly, a massive thank you to Sash for being an amazing driving instructor and always filling my lessons with banter.

As soon as I got in the car with Sash, I instantly felt at ease and very comfortable.

I would highly recommend Sash if you want to have fun felt lessons as well as getting the job done.

Thank you so much and I hope to see you about on the roads!!

Lots of love
Sophie Panons xx

Sophie Panons

I would like to say many thanks for your time and patience teaching me and successfully passing my driving test, thank you very much Sash.

Kelly Driscoll

Sash is amazing. Without her, I would not have passed. Especially not the FIRST time with only one minor! Its all down to her patience and amazing teaching!
I had a very bad crash and bad experiences with previous instructors and swore id never drive again… But 10years later, and a few months on, I passed with sash 🙂
Thank you 🙂
Strongly recommended!

Keely Smith

I’ve had a lack of confidence with driving for years and had a few different instructors until Sash, she is one of the easiest people to get on with and feeling comfortable being taught by and also explains things in a way that easily make sense.

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, would and will be recommending to absolutely everyone!

Dave Masters

Sash is such a lovely instructor who managed to teach me manoeuvres I had never previously been able to do, as well as help me to really love driving! Thanks sash!!

Sharon Okoi

I would highly recommend Sash. I enjoy every lesson and made me feel comfortable. Please spread a good word. Thank you so much Sash. Xxxx

Kelsey Donnelly

Shanice Said:

I’m so pleased that I driving test at FIRST TIME!!!!!
That teacher is best ever I have. Yes that her first time with me be deaf but she brilliant ever I had ! No matter what go with her! X

Shanice’s Father Said:

My Daughter Shanice who is Deaf passed first attempt with Sash . After a rather long search trying to find a Driving Instructor to teach my Daughter but to no avail I came across this wonderful Lady who said she would take on my Daughter , it was also Sash first experience teaching a Deaf Student too . I can not praise Sash highly enough , Sash is a credit to her profession she is an Elite Driving Instictor who is honest , reliable , patient , and caring . I would recommend this Lady to anyone considering learning to drive . Thank you Sash . – Stephen Smith

Shanice Smith

I passed my driving test with sasha on 13/4/2016, I have had 4 other instructors and sasha is by far the best, I highly recommend her a lot, and am so grateful for the time she has put in to helping me pass me test, thank you again.

Stacey Sargeant

Sash is a great instructor, she has a way of teaching that is easy to understand. I struggled with manoeuvres and she helped me to understand them and also boosted my confidence.

Luke Harvey

I was petrified of the idea of driving but Sash made it really fun, relaxed and I managed to pass my test in much less time than I thought I could 🙂

Laura Gardner

Thanks to Sash I passed 1st time and I have overcome my fear of driving. Love you, you crazy fool!

Beth Holland

So many times I have tried to pass my test, I have had over 7 different instructors – only wish I had found your first!! Thank you so much, your brutal honesty and banter is what got me through to pass my test 1st time with you! You’re the best instructor, trust me Ive tried most of them and they haven’t got a touch on Sassy Sash!

Frankie Lee

THANK YOU!!!!! I have been so much more confident on the road since having you as my instructor. I have had some really great lessons and lots of laughs, I can’t believe I passed 1st time and it’s all down to you, your patience and honesty. Lots of love xx

Roxanne Pattinson

Sash has been an amazing instructor! I first started driving lessons 5 years ago with someone else but from the minute I started with Sash she really boosted my confidence not just with my driving but within myself too! I’m so thankful that I got back into driving after all that time and that I found Sash. She’s been great and I would recommend her to everyone! THANK YOU SASH! Xxx

Trudie Lowe

Sash is such an amazing and fantastic instructor. With her brilliant encouragement she has helped me pass my driving test 2nd time. She helped me to feel confident about driving and also made the lessons very fun! I would like to say a massive thank you for your patience 🙂

Danica Brewster

I passed 2nd time with thanks to Sash, I would recommend her to anybody! Has an endless supply of sweets too! Love her to bits. Thank you so much Sash! xx

Karen Harding

I cannot believe I passed first time. I’m very happy! Having had previous instructors I felt Sash was very good with me and very supportive when I needed it most and I felt very comfortable on each lesson with Sash and I wouldn’t have passed without Sash.

Samantha Osbourne

Passed my test first time with help from this Amazing instructor! Thank you loads and I promise to continue using my mirrors!

Elisabeth Robinson

I was firstly nervous when starting to drive, however sash helped me gain confidence through her outstanding efforts helping me to change my bad habits into good habits and helping me achieve my goal of passing my test. Thanks for your help Sash I hope you carry on your success in the future.

Firat Bekem

Thank you, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, always patient and up for a laugh. Thank you 🙂 !

Sophie Ferry

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Sash explained everything in a clear way which made everything easier to understand. Sash is very patient and very positive throughout your lessons. I will recommend Sash to anyone. Thank you!!!

Carl Bradley-Case

I had been doing driving lessons since I was 18, I’m 25 now. As a biker I could never really get on with driving, but for the past few months Sash has stuck with me and she’s been awesome for me. I can’t thank you enough, you’re a great instructor. Thank you so much for everything. 🙂

Ben Davies

Sash has been an absolutely fantastic driving instructor! After changing instructor halfway through learning I found Sash and my only regret is not finding her sooner!! Sash is so relaxed and easy to get along with which is the best way when learning to drive, it makes it less stressful! Thank you so much Sash!! 😀

Georgina Bach

Sash is a fantastic driving instructor, she is very patient and offers the best advice and encouragement to pass your test. I was recommended by a friend and I recommend Sash to anyone learning to drive.

George Tyson

Sash has been the best instructor I have had, and I have had loads! I will be recommending her to everyone. Thanks Sash!

Tony Kemp

Sash is very positive throughout your lessons and test, she’s always on hand to give you a confidence boost if things start to go wrong. A very good and honest instructor I would recommend her to anyone!

Jess Alger

Passed with 2 minors, really chuffed. Thanks Sash!

Darren Patwal

I have recently passed my test with Sash as my instructor. She has a way of making the lessons interesting and engaging – she ensures that the information sticks and is happy to go over anything multiple times until you understand fully. One reason that Sash is a good instructor, is because she is down to earth, interesting and makes driving lessons fun. I am going to sign up for my Pass Plus course with her as I have gelled with her. Thank you Sash, for helping me to pass my test!

Hannah Hing

During my time as a learner I have had 4 different instructors and none compare to Sash! She has let me find my own style of driving and helped me to improve my skills to pass my test, I would not have done it without her, thank you!

Declan Curtis

Sash is a really friendly and professional instructor, she helped me pass first time! Sash is really reliable and was able to fit in my lessons around work and college. Thanks Sash! 🙂

Amy Carter

I think Sash is a great patient instructor, Sash made me feel very confident in myself and it’s like learning with a friend. I am very happy I chose Sash to teach me to drive I am very thankful for her time.

Bobbie Bates

I am so happy I learnt with Sash, I passed first time with only 4 minors after learning for 9weeks. Sash is a brilliant instructor and I felt comfortable with her from the very first lesson, I could ask her about anything no matter how silly it might have been. It was a very enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend. Thank you for everything Sash.

Charlotte Martin

Thank god for Sash! I found out about her about 6 weeks before I was due to take my test. I have never met someone so dedicated to their job! She corrected my mistakes without making me feel bad. She gave me a lot of advice, which I will be using, even now after passing my test first time with her! She is a bubbly and happy person and makes you feel at ease rather than nervous. I will be recommending Sash to anyone I know who wants to learn to drive. Thank you Sash for getting me through it all 🙂

Louise Moore

I passed with Sash! Every lesson was informative and fun at the same time. Sash was easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. She’s great!! I would recommend her to anyone for lessons. Thanks a million for helping me pass!

Beth Harvey

I started my lessons again this March after previously giving up just before I turned 18 (now 22). I was very nervous about starting up again and kept putting it off but when I decided to give Sash a call and book a lesson she put me at ease. This was the same with my lessons – I felt at ease from beginning to end. The way Sash teaches seems to help the information stick, and helps you to actually understand what you are doing rather than just doing it. I passed my test on 19/09/2014 and I really can’t thank Sash enough! 🙂

Megan Withers

Sash is the most amazing lady ever, she explains things so you understand in your own way. She helped me loads with my nerves and is always up for a laugh. I wouldn’t know what I would have done without her guidance, she is a very special lady and a pleasure to drive with. 🙂

Billie Reynolds

First of all I was pleased to meet Sash. It was very easy to learn with Sash, she told me exactly what I needed to do, she was very calm, very professional and made me feel confident in my driving and I passed with 3 minors. Sash is a great instructor and I will be recommending her to everyone.  Thank you Sash!

Bledar Hoxha

I passed first time with Sarah with only 3 minors. She is an unbelievable instructor that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend her to everyone! Every lesson was enjoyable and made easy to understand. I’m so pleased I passed and I couldn’t have done it without Sarah’s expert guidance.

Tom Case

What can I say! Other than Sash is an awesome instructor! From my first lesson to my last, she has been nothing but helpful, supportive and extremely knowledgeable! She doesn’t just teach you how to pass the test, she gives you the knowledge for a life time of safe driving! I would highly recommend her!  Cheers Sash!

Jake Kelly

I passed first time in Basildon with Sash. Sash is a very patient instructor and teaches you to do the right thing on the road. Sash is a likeable instructor and made me feel at ease every lesson. I will highly recommend Sash to any learner driver any day! Thanks Sash! You are the best XXX

Gifty Dakorah

I had no chance of passing before I met Sash, I had a lot of bad habits to break! She’s friendly, positive, made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for everything you’ve done, you’re the best!

Wayne Connold

I enjoyed my lessons with Sash, I found her easy to talk to and relate to. She is a very good instructor and I got on well with her. Now I have passed my test I feel confident driving myself with the knowledge and training Sash has given me. I would highly recommend her.


Sash is a wonderful instructor, highly recommended. She may not have as many stars on her webpage but she knows what she is doing. She is focused and very attentive to details. She will work backwards if necessary to support a learner in ensuring that success is achieved. I passed my test with just 8 lessons. Sash comes highly recommended. She is the best. Thanks Sash!

Theresa Williams

Sash is a great instructor! I am so glad that someone recommended her to me! The lessons were great, and easily understandable. There was always the fun times even if there were silly mistakes made (only a few) but to say that I passed my test first time with only 4 minors proves that she knows her stuff! I’d recommended sash to anyone!

Sam Harvey